1. Lake Michigan

From the recording Cold Water Part 1

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The sun set quickly on the shore that day
All at once it fell beyond the backdrop of the bay
And as the ship came in to port I walked that long road home
I felt the storm, I felt the storm

She hadn't seen Lake Michigan in twenty-seven years
She'd spent all of the interim conquering her fears
And by the time she'd set her feet back into the infinite
She was shivering, she was shivering

A speckled bird capsizes as she's swarmed upon by beasts
A heritage surrendered to the orgy of the feast
My shoulders keep on falling and I can't hold up my head
It weighs me down, it weighs me down

Ambered knives cut through the naked air beyond concern
What is the cause for thus reward, what did I do to earn
The privilege of a witness while my heart, it cannot see
My heart is blind, my heart is blind

But all of this does not compare
With the middle of the night when all's not lost
And holding you to me
That one last time
I'd give up the world to touch you one more time
I'd give up the world to hold you one more time
I'd give up the world to touch you one more time
But it's not mine, it's not mine, to give

Back at home in written stone I think of all the sand
That shifted underneath my feet and fell right through your hand
Your distance drags me closer to the pain that was my gift
I take it back, I take it back